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ORGANIC MULTIPLES:  Exploring the complexities of multiplicity in Nature by the redefinition of the object and its symbolism. 


Establishing parallelisms with Nature, these works emerge from the tension between the concepts of introduced and native species. They pose questions around identity and the collective acting as a metaphor of the concept of migration, our similarities and uniqueness, and the ties that bind us together. 


The site-specific public art installations explore the concept of belonging throughout the study of plants' anatomy at a cellular and external level.

Installed in site-specific configurations varying from landscapes to architectural spaces, Avila’s large-scale biomorphic installations create minimal impact to the environment, and explore the close relationship between the notions of multiplicity, a sense of place and belonging. 

Synapses_ Marynes avila.jpg
Ancient 1-Marynes Avila.jpg
1Symbiosis_Marynes Avila.jpg
Transition_Marynes Avila.jpg
Hanakotoba_ Marynes Avila.jpg
Marynes Avila_Ambiguous_Cube 37_2006 copy.jpg
Spiral Timeline copy.jpg
Eternal_ Marynes Avila.jpg
Red Line _ Marynes Avila.jpg
Met.& Per.4 _ Marynes Avila.jpg
Shelter_ Approx. 300 Fallen sticks_ Laughing Waters Residency_ 2013 copy.jpg
'Foreigners'_ Bronze_Marynes Avila.jpg
Etherea_ Marynes Avila.jpg
Colonizers I_Marynes Avila.jpg
Ancestry 2_ Marynes Avila.jpg
Forebears_Detail 1_ Marynes Avila.jpg
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