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Point of Convergence Series

                      These pen & ink drawings on paper are part of an ongoing series that delve into the artist's continuous exploration of the intricate

      relationship between nature and multiplicity. The interplay of myriad dots and lines within the pen & ink drawings on paper mirrors the complexities                                               found in the natural world. The work emerges from the dynamic tension between introduced and native species,

                                                           prompting contemplation on themes of identity, collective consciousness, and belonging.

           The central void space between the various flora species invites reflection, and intents to serve as an allegory of  understanding and growth where              transformation occurs. The work offers a nuanced celebration of diversity, and serves as a poignant analogy for the fusion of diverse cultures,                                                                                                  and the unity found within our shared similarities and unique differences.

                         The carefully selected colour palette serves as a poignant commentary on global warming and its profound impact on the planet's flora. 

                            Through this artistic lens, the Point of Convergence Series invites viewers to reflect on our collective responsibility                                                                                                                    in safeguarding our environment and fostering a more sustainable future.

avila_marynes_point of convergence III.jpg

Point of Convergence III

Point of Convergence III explores the intersection of indigenous flora, represented by our national flower, the Golden Wattle/Acacia Pycnantha, and the foreign iconic species Lone Pine/Pinus Brutia, symbolising the living ANZAC emblem.

BHCAC AiR, Box Hill

Supported by the Whitehorse City Council

2020 - 2023

Point of Convergence XVII

Point of Convergence XVII explores the intersection of indigenous flora, represented by the Mountain Devil/Lambertia Formosa and the foreign species Sweet Chestnut/Castanea Sativa.

Mount Wilson AiR, Blue Mountains, NSW

Supported by theAustralian Government through the Heritage Near Me Program and the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre


avila_marynes_point of convergence XVII_  Mt Wilson Old School AiR_ 2023.jpg
Point of Convergence II_Marynes Avila_2019.jpg

Point of Convergence II

Point of Convergence II explores the intersection of indigenous flora, represented by the Ghost Gum/Corymbia Aparrerinja and the foreign species Agave Americana/Maguey.

Hill End AiR, Hill End, NSW

Supported by the Bathurst Regional Gallery and National Parks


Point of Convergence 

The first work of the series, Point of Convergence explores the intersection of the indigenous flora represented by the Coast Banksia /Banksia Integrifolia and the foreign species Nortfolk Island Pine/Araucaria Heterophylla. 

Police Point Shire Park AiR, Point Nepean

Supported by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council


avila_marynes_point of convergence_2018.jpg
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