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Ambiguous Detail_Cube 37_2006_ Marynes A

Ambiguous – Forasteras 2006

Approx 6,100,000 Radiata Pine/Pinus Radiata's pine needles, natural voile, bronze, pen & ink on Arches paper, Haiku; dimensions variable; Cube 37


Ambiguous marked a turning point in Avila's career. The work addresses the concept of multiplicity and belonging throughout the study of plants' anatomy at a cellular and external level. 


Consisting in approx. 6,100,000 interlocked pine needles, the autobiographical work investigates the links between the individual and the group; the ties that bind us together.


Being from an introduced species, the 6,100,000 Radiata Pine/Pinus Radiata fallen pine needles function as a metaphor of the concept of immigration, and explore the complexities of our human identity, our similarities and uniqueness.


Cube 37

Project supported by the Frankston City Council

2006 - Ongoing

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