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Home Away From Home


Paper, acrylic paint, 360 fallen Norfolk Island Pine/Araucaria Heterophylla pine needles, 50cm H x 150cm W x 60cm D


‘Home Away From Home’ extends my ongoing research on the complexities of multiplicity by redefining the object and its symbolism. 

Establishing parallelisms with nature, the work emerges from the tension between the concepts of introduced and native species. It poses questions around the notions of identity, the collective and belonging.

Gathered from the Sorrento foreshore and the Quarantine Station as part of an artist residency at Point Nepean National Park, the 360 fallen Norfolk Island Pine/Araucaria Heterophylla pine needles are a metaphor of human migration and diversity. The paper acts as an analogy for ‘putting down roots' in a new land emphasising the invisible ties that bind us all together. 


Gatekeeper’s Cottage Artist Residency 

Point Nepean National Park, Sorrento

Supported by the Mornington Peninsula Shire 


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