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Metamorphosis and permutations – Forasteras 2008


Approx . 4,000.000 Radiata Pine/Pinus Radiata's pine needles, gum trees; 6 units


Establishing parallelisms with Nature, this site specific work poses questions around identity and the collective. A pine needles' replica of the Incinerator Arts Complex's windows is exhibited in the indoor gallery representing change and immigration while through the window, one is able to see the gum trees' foliage representing tradition and the indigenous. The same architectural form incorporating approx. 4,000,000 pine needles is recreated outdoors as an ephemeral public art project. 


The artist documented the evolution of the work from June until October 2008. The foreign pine needles finally became one with the land and the indigenous eucalyptus trees. The work and its evolution echoed the process of an immigrant's integration to his new land. 


Incinerator Arts Complex Artist Residency, City of Moonee Valley

Supported by Moonee Valley City Council


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