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Synapses - Forasteras 2013 - 2014


Approx. 3,000,000 Pinus Canariensis - Canary Islands Pine's fallen pine needles collected on site; 13 units; 20mL x 1mD x 50cmH


'Synapses - Forasteras 2013/2014' extends my ongoing research on the complexities of multiplicity and belonging. Establishing parallelisms with Nature, the work poses questions around identity and the collective. The site specific public art installation explores the concept of  belonging throughout the study of plants' anatomy at a cellular and external level. 

Through my ongoing use of pine needles, the work investigates the links between the individual and the group; the ties that bind us together.

Being from an introduced species and leaning on each other, 300,000 fallen Canary Islands Pine - Pinus Canariensis' fallen pine needles collected on site function as a metaphor of the concept of migration, and explore the notion of human identity, our similarities and uniqueness. 

The work also creates an analogy between the plasticity of the human brain, the reproduction of neurons, human cells, veins and arteries. 

It establishes a parallel between the structure of the human nervous system and trees' internal and external structures.


Billilla  Historic House - Parr Studio - Artist in Residence  2013/2014 

Project supported by Bayside City Council 


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