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Pen & Ink on Japanese Paper; Glass; dimensions variable


Extending my ongoing research on the concept of multiplicity, ‘Vortex’ was a response to a two-week artist residency at the Launceston City Council King's Bridge Cottage and the outcome of my investigation.

The Langmuir circulation of the South Esk River informed the work. Staying right at the mesmerizing Cataract Gorge, I studied the tides and observed the wind induced, slow rotating water vortexes at the river's surface. The vortexes formed multiple, endless, fascinating foam patterns. 

The river and its waters had a meditative, hypnotizing quality and, in an intent to perpetuate the encounter with the sublime and to defeat the passage of time, hundreds of photos were taken everyday throughout the duration of the residency. Drawings were created both, as a way to document the landscape and as resolved pieces in their own right. The works were presented in the form of installation at the Basin Gallery. 


King's Bridge Cottage Artist Residency

Basin Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania

Project supported by the Launceston City Council


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