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Vehicle for Thoughtful Observations


Approx. 16,000 biodegradable red plastic strips; timber; stainless steel cables, stainless steel box, 200cm H x 800cm L x 40cm D


This work continues my research on the complexities of multiplicity as a way to sculpt the public realm. Since the beginning of civilization, knots were an essential part of our daily survival. However in our modern society, new technologies are taking over and the knot has been nearly eradicated. Delineating the space and consisting of thousands of red 'wishing' knots, 'Vehicle for Thoughtful Observations' incorporates the structure of a fence, not to separate but to unite, providing support and balance. Generating social engagement the work includes a stainless steel box with an endless supply of ribbons for the general public to tie their knots and make a wish. Intertwining minimal design and intricacy of human interaction the sculpture encourages critical thinking and makes reference to the resonance of feelings. The work is never static and mimics the constant renewal of life. Through repetition 'Vehicle for Thoughtful of Observations' captures the essence of the familiar becoming profound and the extraordinary simple gestures of the everyday to investigate the significance of memory, ritual and hope.


Montalto Sculpture Prize


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