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avila_marynes_point of convergence_2018.

Point of Convergence

Pen & ink on Arches paper, 57 x 70cm


The myriad of dots and lines that form the pen & ink drawing on paper establish parallelisms with nature. Inspired by the flora of Point Nepean National Park, the work emerges from the tension between the concepts of introduced and native species. It poses questions around the notions of identity, the collective and belonging.

The point of convergence between the indigenous Coast Banksia /Banksia Integrifolia and the foreign Nortfolk Island Pine/Araucaria Heterophylla proposes the celebration of diversity. It creates an analogy for the blending of diverse cultures and the coming together of our similarities and differences. 


Police Point Artist Residency, Point Nepean National Park

Supported by the Mornington Peninsula Shire


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