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Resilience- 2018 

Pen & Ink drawing, digital photography, micro-photography, photo-micrographic digital video and installation

‘Resilience’, the outcome of Marynes Avila’s Project Ace artist residency in Bs As extended her ongoing investigation on the complexities of multiplicity in the natural world. Avila’s research focused on the native flora of Argentina, particularly the study of the Ceibo/Erythrina crista-galli species, the national Argentinean tree and flower.


Extraordinarily resistant to the elements such as frost and fire, the Ceibo contributed to the geological formation of the Argentinean Mesopotamian Delta and is admired around the world for its incomparable beauty. 


The work incorporated the European flowered lace of the artist mother’s wedding dress to fusion the concept of immigration and a micro-photographic video of the Ceibo flower observed under the microscope, which was projected onto the dress to symbolize the native. 

‘Resilience’ was a tribute to the spirit and courage of the indigenous Argentinean people, its migrants and the ties that bind them together. 


Proyecto 'Ace Artist Residency

Buenos Aries, Argentina 

July 2018

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