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Point of Convergence II_Marynes Avila_20

Point of Convergence II

Pen & ink on Arches paper, 57 x 70cm


Emerging from the tension between the concepts of introduced and native species, Point of Convergence II  presents a portal to spark public discourse. 

The work poses questions around the notions of identity, migration and belonging by establishing parallelisms with nature. It aims to represent the point of convergence between the indigenous Ghost Gum/Corymbia Aparrerinja growing at Bald Hill and, the introduced Maguey/Agave Americana planted in the 1940s in the Haefligers’ Cottage gardens. The work creates an analogy for the blending of diverse cultures and the coming together of our differences and similarities. 

Exploring the dynamics of our interpersonal relationships and interactions with each other, the work’s visual narrative aims to provide a threshold, an entrance to a welcoming space to celebrate our diversity.


Hill End Artist Residency, Haefligers’ Cottage, NSW

Supported by the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery & National Parks 


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