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Recycled flexible ducting; multiple units; 15mL x 8mW


'Emergent' extends the artist's ongoing research on the concept of multiplicity as a way to sculpt the public realm.

The work creates a unique narrative by echoing the latent underground activity of earthworms. With its purity of form and minimal configuration 'Emergent' simulates the earthworm's waves of muscular contractions and their movement through tunnels stopping erosion and fertilizing the soil.

Utilizing multiple units and a mundane, unorthodox medium the installation draws parallelisms between the intrinsic quality of materials, the potential of things and our own human potential. It evokes internal psychological and emotional processes that cannot be seen on the surface but are of vital importance, definitely present and constituting the fabrics of life.

Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards, City of Yarra Valley


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