© 2018 Marynes Avila

SIO2 Echo I


Mirrors, sand, 20 digital photographs; dimensions variable


This project is one of the many outcomes of my investigation during the Gunyah Artist Residency.  The work is a response to the surrounding landscape, in particular the amazing sand dunes at Dark Point.

‘SiO2 Echo I’ reflects on the concept of multiplicity and the estimate that the total number of all the sand grains on the planet could be approximately 2000 billion, billion. It makes use of mirrors (found at Gunyah Artist Residency’s House) and sand to extend on the concept of multiplicity’s complexities. This site-specific temporary installation simultaneously denotes the dunes’ magnificent details and emphasizes the importance of each sand grain to form the Dark Point’s dunes. 


Gunyah Artist Residency, NSW